Committed to the well-being of dogs

The Fundació GOSSOS is committed to the cause of lost or abandoned dogs, and is dedicated to the care, socialization, and training of dogs to foster their physical and emotional recovery. This way we prepare them for family life and offer them a new opportunity.

Responsible Adoptions

In Can Gossos you neither find “alarm systems for your houses” nor “accessories for your gardens” or “toys for Christmas”.

We shelter dogs in need of a big portion of love, dedication and patience. Dogs, who carry their past experiences on their backs and who, in the best case, only have to deal with the fact of being abandoned.

We are all different!

As every dog has a distinct character and behaviour, we work individually with them. This allows us to learn more about their necessities, abilities and preferences and helps us to identify their fears.

When agreeing on an adoption, we want to be sure that we have found the perfect home for them. Our dogs deserve to be respected and to be treated as an additional member of the family.

Our dogs are of utmost importance to us, the reason why we would like to get to know you before we introduce you to any of them. We have developed a questionaire with questions about your personal situation and your household in order to gain an insight into your lifestyle and to ensure we can meet your requirements as well as those of our doggies.

Once we have a better understanding of the person interested in an adoption, we can propose the dogs who in our opinion can best match with your family and routine.

In order to meet the dog or the dogs we have in mind for you, we will invite you to visit us at the shelter. If you are happy with one of them, we will slowly and patiently begin with the adaption to the possible new home. It is essential for us, not to rush through the process but to give humans and dogs the time you need to get used to each other.

Are there any other dogs or children in your household? Before a decision can be made, we would like to give all family members and future family members the opportunity to connect. Therefore, we propose different steps during the process: collective walks, short visits or longer stays of our dog in your home. With these measurers we aim to make the transition for everybody as smooth as possible and give our dog the required time to adapt to his new family and home.