Foster Homes

Foster families commit to temporarily taking the dog into the private residence until we find a permanent family.

The animal shelters are full of anxious dogs who have become particularly sensitive, scared and suspicious because of their bad experiences in the past. They need a special amount of attention, love and above all patience to recover from their former disappointment.

They can only heal their wounds living together with the human, so they have the chance to link human presence with positive experiences. The foster homes are a gift for our dogs.

Our dogs deserve the opportunity to reestablish their trust into the human and therefore need your help and cooperation.

We are here for you! We offer reliable help and advice along the way and cover expenses for food, accessories, medication and, if necessary, visits to the veterinarian.

Benefits for the dog:

  • Opportunity to live with a family in a loving and empathetic atmosphere.

  • The dog experiences the warmth and tranquility of a peaceful home and no longer lives alone in a cage. This allows him a better relaxation. 

  • He can overcome his fears and traumatic experiences and regain both his self-esteem and trust in the human.

  • It’s the best chance to find a family. Many foster families fall in love with their protégé and end up adopting.

We are looking for foster families with the following qualifications:

  • A quiet home. Our dogs need a harmonious and peaceful environment.
  • A devoted family who can dedicate a lot of time to our protégé and, above all, has the necessary patience to respect the dog’s own rhythm.

  • And most important: provide for the cuddles and love he deserves.

Would you like to help one of our dogs? Accepting a foster dog into your home is one of the most valuable act a human can do to an animal.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and learn more about our foster dogs.

They will thank you a thousand times!

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