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7 podenquitos picked up

7 podenco puppies have been picked up from the area of Es Cubells.

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Can Gossos takes dogs from San Antonio municipality

Good news for the dogs in San Antonio! As of today all the dogs picked up from the street in San Antonio will arrive at our center, Can Gossos, near…

Perros adoptados

Letter from Chico

We have received a letter from Chico with some photos he wanted to share.   And as you can see he is very well.

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Damon and Dilan adopted

Damon and Dylan have also found new families. Now only Dumbo is left.

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Duck adopted

Duck, one of the podenco puppies, has found a family and he is very happy in his new home.

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Chico adopted

Chico that just turned 3 years old got the best present possible, a new family. It was love at first sight. Chico is a lovely dog, energetic and playful with…

Perros a Suiza

4 more dogs to Switzerland!

James, Lisa, Boomer y Benji have gone to Switzerland to find their perfect family.

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Dolce adopted here in Ibiza

Dolce, one of the podenco puppies saved from Es Cubells,  was adopted by a great family here in Ibiza.

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Rocco adopted

Rocco is with his new family in Switzerland. He was picked up from Can Dog to stay with us for 2 months before traveling to Switzerland. Now he has been adopted…