The new CAN GOSSOS refuge in  San Rafael have a  area of 200,000 m2, there is enough space to avoid noise. The centre might become a point of reference at national level under its professional management team. We plan to create 20 job vacancies.

Premises and parks

There are a total of 6 modules with a capacity for 120 dogs with a sheltered inner area and an outdoor terrace. Also, the premises allow access to large parks where the dogs can walk and run.


All dogs that arrive at the centre undergo an observation period within a separate area where they are medically examined by the centre’s veterinarians and are treated with deparasitation, vaccination, and undergo a blood analysis (to detect diseases such as leishmaniasis, ehrlichiosis, and giardia) and any appropriate treatment that may be needed. We then sterilise them, both males and females, after which the dogs are taken to the adoption area.